Is my UA Cast data secure?

Yes. The UA CAST communication has a double layer data encryption: at the software level and through the LTE network of the carrier. UA CAST is based on a technology proven in the industrial sector that has been the subject of several cybersecurity audit by CAC40 company. The data is stored in a secure and encrypted cloud, only accessible from your personal web space.

In which EASA scenario can I fly with the parrot anafi ai ua cast?

The Parrot Anafi AI is approved to be used in S1 and S3 scenario defined by the EASA. You must make sure that you have the authorization necessary to fly in these scenarios. The UA Cast option does not impact this homologation, the remote pilot remaining solely responsible for the security of the flight and compliance with scenarios.

How do I setup ua Cast?

If you do not have a drone yet, you can reach out to a distributor (see List of UA Cast distributors) to order a Parrot Anafi AI drone with the UA Cast add-on installed and registered in your name.

If you already have a Parrot Anafi AI, reach out to your distributor to study the feasibility of installing and activating UA Cast on your drone.

For more information, please contact a UA Cast distributor.

What are the prerequisites for using UA Cast?

A Parrot Anafi AI with the UA Cast add-on installed and activated, a LTE ready SIM card for the drone, and a mobile device with internet (iPhone smartphone or iPad Mini tablet) to attach to the Skycontroller.

For more advice on hardware options and choices, please get closer to a UA Cast distributor who can provide you with a packaged solution that will meet your need.

I’m used to fly with an Anafi AI. Will UA Cast conflict with my habits?

No, although UA Cast is the mobile application to download in place of Freeflight 7, it does not degrade or modify the native functionality of the Anafi AI. It simply enriches the Freeflight 7 application with its new features. You will experience unchanged menus and flight experience.

How many simultaneous users can join a UA Cast mission?

With UA Cast you can be up to three remote users in the same mission.

What is my Ua Cast Personal web space for?

In your Personal Ua Cast web space, you will find the last 3 videos streamed from your drone. You can play them in the web browser or download them. You also have the possibility of going from one to the other of your Anafi AI drones if you are owners of several Anafi ai ua cast, whose licenses will have been activated in your name.

Is it possible to transfer a UA Cast license already activated on one Anafi Ai to another Anafi AI?

No. The UA Cast license is a personal and unique license, activated on a single drone, this to ensure maximum security for your drones and your data.

Technical Specifications

Drone compatibility
Parrot ANAFI Ai
Mobile environment (telepilot)
iPhone, iPad Mini to connect to the Skycontroller 4 (Parrot)
IOS compatibility
Compatible environment (spectators)
Web browser on PCS, tablets, smartphones
Available languages
French, English, Spanish, German
Wifi, LTE, compatible with any operator
Data encryption
Video streaming resolution
1080p, 30 fps
< 0,5 s